Beatiful Match Box Design Ideas


This is Match in a bottle :) fom jensa

Ellen Hutson made this beautiful little box by herself. But using matchboxes for our kid’s crayons can work perfectly well.

Use it as a travel sewing kit (from Real Simple)

Use it as a tiny gift box for homemade caramelized hazelnuts (From Martha Stewart’s magazine “Holiday sweets”)

Use them as a keepshake from a wedding, a class reunion or any other event your guests would like to remember. (Idea and DIY from stylempretty)

As a Jewell box for you or as a present for Christmas (From madonnadunn)

Use it as a drawer (above DIY from hgtv) and bottom (Clarky J’ play space) came up with the idea of the matchbox PC. But why can’t why keep all the small parts of a computer in a matchbox?

How cute is this matchbox purse? (From Elizabeth Miller)

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